"I was brought up on a farm located in a most beautiful landscape in the Buffalo Valley, North East Victoria. Deep rivers draped with willow trees. Luminous green hills beneath the still and blue-tinged granite-rock gaze of nearby Mount Buffalo. Ice-crack winter frosts. Scorch-dry summers. The memory of hot, silk-fine dust slipping between my toes as I walk down the paddock to find my father hard at work. Bellowing cattle, the occasional hysteria of kookaburras, vibrant parrots lined up on telegraph poles above or pecking at the clumps of roadside grasses for seed.

In my late teens I left the country and headed for Melbourne and then subsequently Sydney, going on to lead an inner city and very urban life, deeply embedded in the Arts in one way or another. I worked as a writer and editor for a number of years (theatre, film and TV), but always managed, somehow, to weave music (in particular, jazz) into my writing projects. I've come to a stage in my life now, creatively, where I can't really separate the two, no more than a 'city' life can erase cherished sense-memories located in a distant country childhood.

For me, music is story and story is music. I am in a 'project-oriented' creative space now, that ties the two together intrinsically. The projects are 'slow-cooked' and performances infrequent as a result. I want and need to create things that have deep personal meaning for me but that also, hopefully, offer up moments of real and personal resonance to audience members. These are 'heart projects' and I want them to come from an authentic place. The process of development can take a bit of time." … March 2012